The Best Intentions

Keeping a band together is very challenging. The band line up changes occasionally (especially because my friends are talented people who are in demand everywhere) but I consider all these fine people members of THE BEST INTENTIONS.

This is the closest “Regular  Intentions” that exists:

These are the “Honorary Intentions.” They might not be at every gig or recording session, but when they are magical things happen:

Jared Stein (Keys), Julian Peterson (Guitar), Ian Kagey (Bass), Jon Smith (Drums), Liam McCormack (Bass/Melodica), Alon Bisk (Cello), Thad DeBrock (Guitar/Pedal Steel), Ben Kalb (Cello), Gabby Garza (Vox), Kat Mulvaney (Vox), Mark Verdino (Bass),  Ben Lively (Violin), Perry Sherman (Vox), David Gardos (Keys), Tim Borecky (Bass), Anthony Lee Medina (Vox), Alex Mathias (Sax), Christian Medice (Drums), Nick Hoins (Drums), Matt Hartley (Bass), Michael Cammarata (Drums), Paul Coleman (Bass), Corey Sullivan (Guitar/Art Work)