The “A Lullaby” Official Music Video is HERE!

It’s been almost a year in the making but I’m happy to announce that the official music video for “A Lullaby,” one of my favorites off of Wander Years, is now here for your viewing pleasure!

Check out the video now:

“A Lullaby” – Freddy Hall & The Best Intentions [Official Music Video] from Patrick Mandeville on Vimeo.

Major thanks to:

Patrick Mandeville for his vision and direction
Ellenore Scott a beautiful dancer/choreographer
Her dancing dudes Timmy Wasserman and Jeffrey Gugliotti
The wonderful Sofia Rebelo, the actress and newly named mother of the year!

My musical brothers

Drummer: Marques Walls
Bassist: Alan Stevens Hewitt
Cellist: Alon Bisk

And production team:

Co-Producer: Maxine Medina
Cinematographer: Jamal Solomon
B-Camera Operator/Color Correcter: Wilson Mbiavanga

I’m very proud of the work we all did and I hope you enjoy!

Not A Lonely Guy – FREE DOWNLOAD

I recorded a song called ‘Not A Lonely Guy’ during the “Wander Years” sessions and after much thinking and tinkering with the track-list it was decided that the song didn’t quite fit with motion and mood of the album.

I’m not sure if anyone even pays attention to album flow anymore, but I grew up right before iTunes started shuffling songs around and it’s always been my priority to carefully consider the lineup of an album.

I’m very happy with this song – it’s fun and playful and honest. Three of the most challenging elements I run into while writing songs. I believe in the song and think it has a place out there in my lineup of proudly written songs. It stands best on its own.

This one goes out to the iTunes shuffle:

Recorded at Virtue And Vice Studios 

Produced by Rocky Gallo and Freddy Hall

Alan Stevens Hewitt and Cian McCarthy played some pretty cool synth ambient patches.

Ingram Millier and I snapped our little hearts out.

I would like to thank the commuters and construction crew on Norman Avenue for providing a nice backing track.

If you fancy, you can download ‘Not A Lonely Guy’ for free

The Brainwash Music Video – [OUT NOW]

Well… my nephew might be getting a little more attention than me these days and I’d be jealous… only… he’s SO GOOD!

Perry Sherman directed and edited the video. Marques Walls and Alan Stevens Hewitt are a dream team band and I’m lucky to know them. It should be credited that the apartment used for the party scene is in fact Marques’ humble abode, along with Jamie Little. Andrea Setaro made her acting debut as “the lady doing laundry.” That adorable girl who lost to Roman in the game of Connect 4 is my niece, Reyna.

The party attendees include:

Tim Boreky, Stacy Davidowitz, Anthony Lee Medina, Jamie Little, Molly Little, Dan Schaub, Amanda Rosenburg, Janet Young, Suzy Quinn, Scott Isenberg, Ivan Reibeisen, and my Mom and Dad (for a split second.)

Check out the music video here and let us know what you think:

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