From The Record 2

My, oh my. the excitement is boiling – less than one month before “Wander Years” starts flying into your computers and to the shows. I’m pumped like a new tire!

Thanks to all who took a second to help me pick an album cover…

I now pronounce “Wander City” Gold Medalist in the 2012 cover Olympics:

A special thanks to Julian Peterson, of JP Design, for the golden artistic eye, and to Corey Sullivan, for the awesome illustrations that appear on the cover and throughout the CD. How am I so lucky to know so many talented friends? No clue. I am pretty darn thankful though.

Along with releasing the official album cover I’m sharing a brand new track from the record called Train Wreck:

Me – Guitar/Vox

Marques Walls – Drums

Alan Stevens Hewitt – Bass/BVox

Anthony ‘Rocky’ Gallo – Guitars/Bad-Assed production

More tunes will leak as the release day nears. Until then, thanks for checking in and enjoy the music.