The Brainwash Music Video – [OUT NOW]

Well… my nephew might be getting a little more attention than me these days and I’d be jealous… only… he’s SO GOOD!

Perry Sherman directed and edited the video. Marques Walls and Alan Stevens Hewitt are a dream team band and I’m lucky to know them. It should be credited that the apartment used for the party scene is in fact Marques’ humble abode, along with Jamie Little. Andrea Setaro made her acting debut as “the lady doing laundry.” That adorable girl who lost to Roman in the game of Connect 4 is my niece, Reyna.

The party attendees include:

Tim Boreky, Stacy Davidowitz, Anthony Lee Medina, Jamie Little, Molly Little, Dan Schaub, Amanda Rosenburg, Janet Young, Suzy Quinn, Scott Isenberg, Ivan Reibeisen, and my Mom and Dad (for a split second.)

Check out the music video here and let us know what you think:

The Brainwash music video – [COMING SOON]

My pal Perry Sherman (the other mind behind the first Trace McKensie video) and I started working on the very first “official” music video from Wander Years for the song “The Brainwash.” The video features my nephew – Roman Auth – as the main character, and ladies, he is a star.

Check out the song here:

There isn’t an official release date for the video yet, but you will know when it’s out. Trust me.

Check out more of Perry’s work here.