Your Lunch Break Playlist Update

Here is a playlist from today’s Your Lunch Break on IMP Radio. The theme was “feelin’ sexy.” So, please use these songs to embrace your true sexy self 🙂

You can listen to the show in real time every Friday at 1pm est on – I can assure solid vibes, good tunes and at least one honest LOL.

Be sure to follow to the playlist as I’ll be updating it every Friday afternoon!

Your Lunch Break

I’ve been DJ-ing a show on WIMP Radio on Friday afternoons called “Your Lunch Break,” wherein I play some sweet tunes, chat with a guest or two, talk about my latests obsessions, etc. You can tune in live at 1pm est every Friday, and, in case you ever miss out, I’ve also created a playlist with the songs I play. I will be updating it each week, so be sure to follow and enjoy the music 🙂

Check out the tunes from this week’s show here:

Blank Page Social

Thank you to Jessica Dermody, the founder of “Blank Page Social,” for creating a journaling playlist and featuring a few of my songs!

Blank Page Social is an awesome communal daily 10 minute journaling practice where Jessica hosts an online space for anyone who wants to come, sit, and journal. It’s a creative and therapeutic use of this time that we now have!

You can tune into her LIVE sessions, she hosts two a day at midnight & 10AM EST on her Instagram or Facebook.

You can listen to, and follow the playlist here: