In honor of  December and all things magical, here is a lyric video for my song “Marigold in December,” about the ghostly powers of a one-night stand. 🌺 ❄️

“Marigold in December” is from my latest album Nothing in the Open.

Video by Cody Lunsford & Ezekiel Hickson

The Evolution of “A Lullaby”

"And I was like baby, baby, baby, oh. Like baby, baby, baby, no. Like baby, baby, baby, oh I thought you'd always be mine."
                                                                 -Justin Bieber

A Lullaby is a tragic tale of a school girl gone wrong. It’s a melody of disappointments, pressure and insecurity.

Draft 1

California, fall of 2008

This song was created during tech rehearsals for Spring Awakening in San Diego, California. If you don’t know, a tech rehearsal is the time where all of the elements of a show together. Lights, set, costumes, sound, etc. The rehearsals are also painfully long and boring.

Noodling on my guitar was the only way to keep entertained and because of that, the seeds of “A Lullaby” were planted.

The first demo of the song was recorded on my computer backstage at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles in the fall of 2008.

Draft 2

Boston, MA sometime in the spring of 2009.

After sitting with the song for a few months I decided to get it properly demoed.

I spent a cloudy day tucked away David Siegel’s (engineer extraordinaire) humble bedroom. My pals Marques Walls (percussion), Liam McCormack (bass), Perry Sherman (backup vox) and Alice So (backup vox) kept me company and added their talents to the song.

We took what I originally had and created this together:

Draft 3

Brooklyn, NY summer of 2012

Having played the song countless times in rehearsal studios, coffee shops and roof tops, it was clear that this one wasn’t going to end up in the vortex of lost songs. It needed one final incarnation.

Working on “A Lullaby” for Wander Years was a spiritual experience. Everyone involved contributed much more than notes and rhythms to the track. There is so much compassion, heart, so much sensitivity in this recording.

This version features the genius of Marques Walls (Drums, percussion), Alan Stevens Hewitt (bass/synth strings), Cian McCarthy (piano), Ben Kalb (Cello), Thad DeBrock (Pedal Steel) Gabby Garza (sexy woman voice) and Anthony ‘Rocky’ Gallo (producer, engineer).

Of all the songs on the record, I’m most proud of this one.

For The Record 4

Well… we are entering the home stretch with this recording as far as tracking and mixing goes. It has been an incredibly fulfilling process and I’m beyond excited and (more importantly) confident to share this with everyone I know.

Look at the board now! If it were a game of tic-tack-toe then X would be pitching a no hitter… that makes sense right?Image

I’m am beyond fortunate to know so many talented and well centered people who love making music. My friends involved in this recording have really put their heart into it and it’s gonna make me cry!

Here are some photos from the process:

Image(Ben Kalb guest starring on “A Lullaby.” Keep an ear out for the cello when you hear the song)

Image(Cian McCarthy laying down some tragically hip keyboard tracks on many tunes. People, this guy is legit.)

Image(Robi Hager background singing his face off. He’s awesome and nails things in one take!)

Image(Me, flying the V. Rock on.)

Image(The mastermind behind it all, Anthony “Rocky” Gallo)

And to top it off, an inspiring view from the roof of Virtue And Vice Studios:


Life is good I tell ya.

The next update will consist of a track listing and a timeline of when I want of to release the album,  ideas leading up to that, etc.

Stay tuned and stay happy.