Hand Sanitizer Money; a playlist in support of local artists!

I’ve made an slick playlist featuring some of my favorite songs by some incredible artists that I’m lucky enough to call friends. It can help get us through some of this self-quarantine time in a way that’s both pro-active and entertaining.

This playlist can accompany you as you work from home, walk around the block, and prepare your lunch! The best part is, while you listen you’re helping out the artists on the playlist who get paid every time you tune in. Please enjoy, like, share, and listen on repeat!

While you’re on Spotify, pop over to my artist page and give it a follow, it is a tremendous help.


Kenya Dig It? 2

Greetings from the most western-styled cyber cafe in all of Africa! I’m typing while eating a pizza and feeling guilty about greasing up the keyboard.

I’ve traveled pretty far west into Kenya now – small towns and the same meals every night can make me miss things I always take for granted… like hot running water. Also, my food cravings have been worse than a pregnant lady. Some of the food I daydream about these days:

  • McDonalds
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Creme
  • Twinkies
  • Mac N Cheese
  • Hawaiian Pizza

Photo Update:

(me & Andrea Setaro at an Equator marker)

(me & Jenn hiking through a rain forest)

(Hippo lovers in Lake Victoria)

(a VERY heated game of Jenga)

(me & Slick overlooking Great Rift Valley)

Kenya Playlist:

Bobby McFerrin – Baby. Album – VOCAbuLaries

(If you don’t have this album, get your mouse over to itunes right NOW!)

Brad Mehldau – The Falcon Will Fly Again. Album – Highway Rider

(I can’t find the album version of this song to share, but get it and fall in love with it. Brad Mehldau)

The Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues. Album – Helplessness Blues

(A great, great, great song from the Fleet Foxes)

These are just a few songs that have been helping pass the time on long road trips and traffic jams.

Will write more later.