The “A Lullaby” Official Music Video is HERE!

It’s been almost a year in the making but I’m happy to announce that the official music video for “A Lullaby,” one of my favorites off of Wander Years, is now here for your viewing pleasure!

Check out the video now:

“A Lullaby” – Freddy Hall & The Best Intentions [Official Music Video] from Patrick Mandeville on Vimeo.

Major thanks to:

Patrick Mandeville for his vision and direction
Ellenore Scott a beautiful dancer/choreographer
Her dancing dudes Timmy Wasserman and Jeffrey Gugliotti
The wonderful Sofia Rebelo, the actress and newly named mother of the year!

My musical brothers

Drummer: Marques Walls
Bassist: Alan Stevens Hewitt
Cellist: Alon Bisk

And production team:

Co-Producer: Maxine Medina
Cinematographer: Jamal Solomon
B-Camera Operator/Color Correcter: Wilson Mbiavanga

I’m very proud of the work we all did and I hope you enjoy!