This time last year…

I was playing with my main crew at our local watering hole, Rockwood Music Hall. Rockwood seems to be riding the COVID wave as best they can, but a good number of venues in the city have closed down. Including Arlene’s Grocery, the first venue ever I played in the city.

These sure are hard times for us all, especially in the wide world of live entertainment.

Here is a clip from the last show I played in February of 2020. I remember the lively room, the loving air and the laughter. And I know we’ll get back to that spot again in due time.

This song is called “Forgiven” and it will be on my new album due later this year.

Rockwood Stage 2 // Potential New Album // UMF

Some exciting news:

Well, after a few years of playing the intimately joyful stage 1 of Rockwood Music Hall, we will be making our way on toStage 2… a slightly bigger space with enough room for us all on stage. Marques is excited. If you’re in the NYC area it’d be mighty great to see you there!11696585_10100423094721789_4688921403121968400_o

Rockwood Music Hall

Stage 2

Monday August 10th



Also in the works:

Album #2! Title and song listing still in the works but we’ll be trying out the new material at Rockwood. The goal is to release it in the early spring of ’16, along side a new slew of music videos and perhaps a “Trace MaKenzie” resurrection.


10696167_10102638343789946_7212472556859356300_nI had the recent pleasure of playing guitar alongside my good friend Zach Scot’s band Cartesian Theater at New Castle, Virginia’s most spectacular hidden gem, The Untitled Music Festival. It’s a home-grown music festival hosted by an incredible family who shared their property with hundreds of good hearted strangers. My hope is to bring the Beset Intentions along next year and play and have you guys camp alongside us.  

Last Minute Show Added for TONIGHT!! 5/31

We just got booked a last minute show tonight at Piano’s Upstairs – in the LES at 9PM. I’ve been told that happy hour is from 7-8pm, so if you were looking for a place to go tonight seems like this one will treat you well! And of course, we will make it worth your while too.


Check out the website for more info:

Piano’s NYC