Not A Lonely Guy – FREE DOWNLOAD

I recorded a song called ‘Not A Lonely Guy’ during the “Wander Years” sessions and after much thinking and tinkering with the track-list it was decided that the song didn’t quite fit with motion and mood of the album.

I’m not sure if anyone even pays attention to album flow anymore, but I grew up right before iTunes started shuffling songs around and it’s always been my priority to carefully consider the lineup of an album.

I’m very happy with this song – it’s fun and playful and honest. Three of the most challenging elements I run into while writing songs. I believe in the song and think it has a place out there in my lineup of proudly written songs. It stands best on its own.

This one goes out to the iTunes shuffle:

Recorded at Virtue And Vice StudiosĀ 

Produced by Rocky Gallo and Freddy Hall

Alan Stevens Hewitt and Cian McCarthy played some pretty cool synth ambient patches.

Ingram Millier and I snapped our little hearts out.

I would like to thank the commuters and construction crew on Norman Avenue for providing a nice backing track.

If you fancy, you can download ‘Not A Lonely Guy’ for free