2021 Goals

This is a fortune cookie fortune that I recently got and it struck many a chord on the good ‘ol heart strings. I often fear that I spend more time contemplating my goals and less time achieving them. Goals require confidence and dedication… which is some scary shit!

It’s no secret, however, that step one of achieving success with any goal is to write it down and get it out there.

Some of my goals this year are standard for me: practice (on the daily), take care of my body (on the daily), take care of my mind (on the daily).

Some goals are a bit unique to this year: grow my web presence (on the daily), release a new album (later this year), make money off of my music (on the daily), go to Alaska (when it warms up).

I’m wondering if you would be able and willing to help me grow my web presence on a few different platforms?

Youtube (currently at: 87 subscribers, goal: 300 by the year’s end)

Spotify (currently at: 177 followers, goal: 450 by the year’s end)

Bandcamp. (currently at: 12 followers, goal: 150 by the year’s end)

In the span of a quick second you can help me get closer to my goal just by clicking the links to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and by following on Spotify and Bandcamp.

I’ve also been working hard on my mailing list and making sure my newsletters are entertaining, brief, and as heartfelt as possible. You can sign up here:

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Happy This Year!

Every year, before taking the time to dive into my hopes for the new year, I find it necessary to take a moment to reflect on what just transpired. There is value in breathing in the air that is catching up to us.

With the sour lemons came sweet lemonade. This year, I was able focus on self-care; meditation, yoga, hiking, rediscovering nature and her beautiful benefits, writing and recording a new album, quality time with my parents. All of this was for the good, and quite unlikely to have happened in the normal race of life before COVID.

I hope that your crazy world allowed you to etch out time for simple seeds that blossomed, or will blossom beautifully.

I hope that, before you count on next year to provide the best things for your future, you take a quick moment and look back with some gratitude for the life that just unfolded.

Cheers and goodness in the New Year,



I bid thee a long and overdue hello. (wave, wave)

2014 was a collection of days that were educational, adventurous and life imprinting. While I don’t place a lot of value in giving praise or passing blame on a year, I do enjoy taking a moment to turn around and reflect on what just happened. AND, since I haven’t been the greatest at keeping up with my blog I figured I’d share a few highlights from 2014.

Harbin Hot Springs

Joshua Tree National Park

Touring with Flashdance The Musical 

 Playing for Rebecca Naomi Jones for Lincoln Center’s American Songbook Series.


Workshopping a brilliant new musical at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center

collage2014Farewell childhood home. 😦

Virginia summers

Family vacation/sister’s wedding at the Amalfi Coast in Italy

…followed by an incredibly challenging scooter ride along steep winding cliffs with the new family.

Rockwood Music Hall in NYC and every show we played there this year… particularly the most recent one on the 14th of Dec. with a special guest appearance by the lovely Kimiko Glenn.

Making my Musical Direction debut… at my grade school alma mater. The New York Times never made it down to Alexandria but I’d say it was a smashing success.

‘A Lullaby’ – Official Video directed by my good friend Patrick Mandeville and featuring the lovely Ellenore Scott.

If you haven’t seen the ‘Lullaby’ video yet yet, feel free to check it out here:


So. What does 2015 have in store? What are my resolutions? Well. We will find out together!