The Bad Ones – Live from Badlands

Video #2 of 4 from the “Live From The Parks” video series is out today.

The Bad Ones is a new song and will be on my forthcoming album due Fall ’21. If you stick around to the end of the video you just might hear a clip of the studio version ūüôā

The song’s topic is pretty self explanatory… in fact, I trust you’ll understand its inspiration after the first line.

I recorded this video during my time spent in Badlands National Park this past October. And it’s clear from the footage that I got that Badlands is one of this country’s most unique and otherworldly parks.

Enjoy ūüôā

That Was Then – out now!

That Was Then” honors the unique experience that we’ve all called ‘the past¬†few months.’ This song explores a life of plans and a life at hand,¬†all the while trying to find¬†optimism. In other words… it’s my COVID song.

That Was Then” was written by me. It was¬†recorded/mastered by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo of¬†Virtue and Vice Studios¬†in Brooklyn, NY.¬†Marques Walls¬†designed¬†the album cover, and¬†Todd Piskin and Trevor Eichhorn let us use¬†their kitchen and their cat, Cleo, for the photoshoot.

I¬†made a music video for the song which¬†will be released next Friday, the 30th, and it will feature much more¬†of Todd and Trevor’s apartment/Cleo ūüėȬ†

You can listen now here.