This time last year…

I was playing with my main crew at our local watering hole, Rockwood Music Hall. Rockwood seems to be riding the COVID wave as best they can, but a good number of venues in the city have closed down. Including Arlene’s Grocery, the first venue ever I played in the city.

These sure are hard times for us all, especially in the wide world of live entertainment.

Here is a clip from the last show I played in February of 2020. I remember the lively room, the loving air and the laughter. And I know we’ll get back to that spot again in due time.

This song is called “Forgiven” and it will be on my new album due later this year.

“Nothing In The Open” Album Trailer:

Have a look behind the scenes at the making of my second full length album “Nothin In The Open,” out on May 8th 2017.

Featured song: Riverbugs (Theme)

Recorded at: Virtue and Vice Studios (

Patrick Mandeville of Divided Line ( filmed and edited this video.

Featuring: Marques Walls on the drums, Alan Stevens Hewitt on the bass, Cian McCarthy on the keys, Jenn Mundia with the vocals, Saum Eskandani with the vocals.

Special thanks to Greg, Angela, Zach, Maggie and Brooks for making a party out of it!