I ❤ NY… and everywhere else!

Ah, what a weekend. Even though it was only four dates it feels like we fought in the trenches – sleeping in the van, sleeping on kitchen floors, occupying New Paltz, climbing up rooftops, late-night cheese gorging, Chinatown buses…

Check out this video of my boy Zach Scott free-stylin with us at Pete’s Candy Shop:

I won’t bore you with the minute-by-minute details on the road but I do what to give a few shout outs:

Firstly – Thanks to Yellowbirdd, Doug of The Field Effect and our navigation/moral support Matt Pelaggi for being amazing dudes with gigantic hearts. Anyone who knows them is a lucky person.

Secondly – Courtney and Andrew Elder. They are true champions of kindness. The house show they set up, the people they invited, their hospitality, all of it restored my faith in humanity.

Thirdly – I met some cool musicians/bands/artists out there that you all should become very familiar with.

Brett Winterford – Australia, y’all better enjoy him while you can because if he ever makes a move to the states we’ll steal him and he’ll never come back!

Yardsale – These guys are an awesome bluegrass band from New Paltz, NY. If you ever see them play give the bass player a big old hug.

Big Nixon – A band fronted by Andrew Elder, the nicest man on earth.

GOOT, -Courtney is the head and creative mind behind “Goot,” a REpurposed goods company. She makes unique and beautiful crafts from old, unused materials. Check out the etsy sight for more info.

Now it’s time to gear up for the release of “Wander Years”