Yeah… yeah… I know we’re already 22 days into the new year but there is never a bad time for reflection. Time goes by real quick and, especially during quiet weeks, the feeling of being unproductive can hang around like an welcomed guest. Reflection is necessary for perspective. I was just going through my camera […]

I’ve been back from Kenya for three months now, but my friend Jenn Mundia made this pretty incredible video documenting our trip and her family. She even used a few songs from Wander Years! The other artist’s music featured in the video is our good friend Andrea Setaro – a beautiful songwriter and fun traveling […]

Greetings from the most western-styled cyber cafe in all of Africa! I’m typing while eating a pizza and feeling guilty about greasing up the keyboard. I’ve traveled pretty far west into Kenya now – small towns and the same meals every night can make me miss things I always take for granted… like hot running […]

Jambo from Kenya! My excellently crazy friend, Jenn Mundia, has her past rooted in Kenya. We were chatting a while back and she told me that her family was going to embark on a reunion adventure. HER: Hey we’re going to Kenya this summ- ME: I’m looking into flights now. Four months, three vaccinations and […]