Happy This Year!

Every year, before taking the time to dive into my hopes for the new year, I find it necessary to take a moment to reflect on what just transpired. There is value in breathing in the air that is catching up to us.

With the sour lemons came sweet lemonade. This year, I was able focus on self-care; meditation, yoga, hiking, rediscovering nature and her beautiful benefits, writing and recording a new album, quality time with my parents. All of this was for the good, and quite unlikely to have happened in the normal race of life before COVID.

I hope that your crazy world allowed you to etch out time for simple seeds that blossomed, or will blossom beautifully.

I hope that, before you count on next year to provide the best things for your future, you take a quick moment and look back with some gratitude for the life that just unfolded.

Cheers and goodness in the New Year,