Take a listen to an entertaining podcast from the insightful and hilarious Lance and Ray Show… you’ll get to hear from novelist Zack Wagman, and you just might recognize that toe-tapping number towards the end 🙂 (clic image to listen)

I’ve been back from Kenya for three months now, but my friend Jenn Mundia made this pretty incredible video documenting our trip and her family. She even used a few songs from Wander Years! The other artist’s music featured in the video is our good friend Andrea Setaro – a beautiful songwriter and fun traveling […]

Well, as of 5PM EST I’ll be en route to Nairobi, Kenya for a month learning all about the Mundia family. I’m very excited to strap on my traveling … sneakers … I’ll try to update the blog when I can but I’m not sure what my internet access will be like. I’m guessing not […]