Kenya Dig it? 3

I’ve been back from Kenya for three months now, but my friend Jenn Mundia made this pretty incredible video documenting our trip and her family. She even used a few songs from Wander Years! The other artist’s music featured in the video is our good friend Andrea Setaro – a beautiful songwriter and fun traveling companion.
Here is the video:

From The Record 1

Well, as of 5PM EST I’ll be en route to Nairobi, Kenya for a month learning all about the Mundia family. I’m very excited to strap on my traveling … sneakers … I’ll try to update the blog when I can but I’m not sure what my internet access will be like. I’m guessing not too great if it’s going to be anything like the Lion King.

I wanted to share a sneak peak from the new album before I leave. I’ll call it my “first single” to sound important. You might recognize it despite the slightly different name. It’s a song that’s been with me for a while and has seen many shapes and sizes and, now, I think it’s just right.

So, without further ramblings, I present to you:

Hold Love, Keep It In Your Hands

This track features the following b!tches:

Marques Walls on the Drums

Alan Stevens Hewitt on the Bass

Cian McCarthy on the Piano/Nord-ness


Robi Hager on Harmonies

This also marks the official introduction of our new band name “Freddy Hall & the Best Intentions.” — more info on that after my safari.

Feel free to download the song, share it with your mom, listen to it while you’re conquering the Stair-Master, blast it while sunbathing, crank it when you’re on the toilet/bidet… the options are endless really.

The full album will be released on September 18th with shows to follow.

Enjoy and I’ll catch y’all in a month.