Gunnison Time Give A Shout Out To ‘Nothing In The Open’:

My old pal Bobby Reyes, of the Gunnison Country Times, recently took a trip down memory lane after picking up his copy of “Nothing In The Open.” The opening paragraph, that doesn’t give much credit to my bald head, but it’s funny and honest. The article continues to prove to be an inspiration to keep the dream alive. And to stay in touch with your friends from elementary school 🙂

“When I was 11 years old I met a goofy-looking kid named Freddy Hall. When I say goofy I don’t mean it negatively. He was simply the only kid I’ve ever met that had a natural Jheri curl that only existed on the top of his head. Ironically enough, it would be these natural curls that were the first to call it quits — the top of head now shines in a bald glow under the sun.”

To read the rest of this inspiring/motivational/embrace of nostalgia, click HERE.