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“BEAUTIFUL on Broadway’s guitarist Freddy Hall has the summer soundtrack album you’ve been waiting for! Freddy Hall combines smooth sounds, stunning vocals, and melodic instrumentals to make ‘Nothing In The Open’ the perfect debut album. The album features two hit singles, ‘Nothing In The Open’ and ‘Still I’d Try My Best For You’. ”

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Not A Lonely Guy – FREE DOWNLOAD

I recorded a song called ‘Not A Lonely Guy’ during the “Wander Years” sessions and after much thinking and tinkering with the track-list it was decided that the song didn’t quite fit with motion and mood of the album.

I’m not sure if anyone even pays attention to album flow anymore, but I grew up right before iTunes started shuffling songs around and it’s always been my priority to carefully consider the lineup of an album.

I’m very happy with this song – it’s fun and playful and honest. Three of the most challenging elements I run into while writing songs. I believe in the song and think it has a place out there in my lineup of proudly written songs. It stands best on its own.

This one goes out to the iTunes shuffle:

Recorded at Virtue And Vice Studios 

Produced by Rocky Gallo and Freddy Hall

Alan Stevens Hewitt and Cian McCarthy played some pretty cool synth ambient patches.

Ingram Millier and I snapped our little hearts out.

I would like to thank the commuters and construction crew on Norman Avenue for providing a nice backing track.

If you fancy, you can download ‘Not A Lonely Guy’ for free

For The Record

Well … The recording has begun and it’s going to be so hot. Not just because it’s almost summer. No, not just because it’s my record either. It’s going to be hot because I know the most mother frikin, badassed people who work hard and have ears of gold and I just can’t wait to get this out there and I’m very excited!! Except, today I got a parking ticket AS I WAS GETTING IN MY CAR… but even that can’t bring me down. That lady was evil though.

I digress…

Here is a pic from yesterday – the pimpest group of guys:Image

(Alan Hewitt is playing the bass, Marques Walls is on drums and Anthony “Rocky” Gallo – seen behind the glass window – is pretty much making them sound like actual musicians)

This is what Rocky and I started with today :


And this is the progress we’ve made:


We did our full band tracking at Galuminum Foil in Brooklyn, NY. And everything else went/is going down at Virtue And Vice Studios, the sweetest space ever and it’s run by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo, the sweetest guy ever.

To sum it all up:

A. The record is under way. More info about a release date/title is TBA.

B. I’m mad inspired.

C. I’m mad tired.