I bid thee a long and overdue hello. (wave, wave)

2014 was a collection of days that were educational, adventurous and life imprinting. While I don’t place a lot of value in giving praise or passing blame on a year, I do enjoy taking a moment to turn around and reflect on what just happened. AND, since I haven’t been the greatest at keeping up with my blog I figured I’d share a few highlights from 2014.

Harbin Hot Springs

Joshua Tree National Park

Touring with Flashdance The Musical 

 Playing for Rebecca Naomi Jones for Lincoln Center’s American Songbook Series.


Workshopping a brilliant new musical at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center

collage2014Farewell childhood home. 😦

Virginia summers

Family vacation/sister’s wedding at the Amalfi Coast in Italy

…followed by an incredibly challenging scooter ride along steep winding cliffs with the new family.

Rockwood Music Hall in NYC and every show we played there this year… particularly the most recent one on the 14th of Dec. with a special guest appearance by the lovely Kimiko Glenn.

Making my Musical Direction debut… at my grade school alma mater. The New York Times never made it down to Alexandria but I’d say it was a smashing success.

‘A Lullaby’ – Official Video directed by my good friend Patrick Mandeville and featuring the lovely Ellenore Scott.

If you haven’t seen the ‘Lullaby’ video yet yet, feel free to check it out here:


So. What does 2015 have in store? What are my resolutions? Well. We will find out together!

The “A Lullaby” Official Music Video is HERE!

It’s been almost a year in the making but I’m happy to announce that the official music video for “A Lullaby,” one of my favorites off of Wander Years, is now here for your viewing pleasure!

Check out the video now:

“A Lullaby” – Freddy Hall & The Best Intentions [Official Music Video] from Patrick Mandeville on Vimeo.

Major thanks to:

Patrick Mandeville for his vision and direction
Ellenore Scott a beautiful dancer/choreographer
Her dancing dudes Timmy Wasserman and Jeffrey Gugliotti
The wonderful Sofia Rebelo, the actress and newly named mother of the year!

My musical brothers

Drummer: Marques Walls
Bassist: Alan Stevens Hewitt
Cellist: Alon Bisk

And production team:

Co-Producer: Maxine Medina
Cinematographer: Jamal Solomon
B-Camera Operator/Color Correcter: Wilson Mbiavanga

I’m very proud of the work we all did and I hope you enjoy!

Hello again/Music in a short film/A Lullaby music video coming soon

Hello again,

So, after a few months of laying low and staying quiet, I’m back! I’ve been on the road guitar-ing for Flashdance the musical, exploring some new and old corners of America all the while writing  new songs and working on new projects. Some of which are discussed below.

Music in a short film

Two songs from ‘Wander Years‘, Follow Me Before/Follow Me After are featured in Blue Barn Pictures’ newest short film Moving On that just hit the web this week.

Moving On is about two girls in Brooklyn who are dealing with the end of their relationship. Are they ready to move on? Find out HERE.

moving on from Blue Barn Pictures, Inc. on Vimeo.

The film, written by Jim Baker and directed by Andrea Fuma.

Moving On is honest, touching and beautifully shot.

A Lullaby music video coming soon

While on the cinematic train of thought – the music video for the song ‘A Lullaby’ is in it’s final stages of production and will hit the net (hopefully) during the early days of June. I’ve been working with a longtime friend and incredibly talented cinematographer, Patrick Mandeville and with another a good friend/So You Think You Can Dance finalist, Ellenore Scott to come up with, what I believe to be, a well-formed and graceful visual representation of the song.

Here are a few screen shots to build some excitement:

Color correction v 01.Still010

(Ellenore Scott)

Color correction v 01.Still004

(yours truly)

Color correction v 01.Still007

(Sofia Rebelo)

Thanks for reading – more to come.


The Evolution of “A Lullaby”

"And I was like baby, baby, baby, oh. Like baby, baby, baby, no. Like baby, baby, baby, oh I thought you'd always be mine."
                                                                 -Justin Bieber

A Lullaby is a tragic tale of a school girl gone wrong. It’s a melody of disappointments, pressure and insecurity.

Draft 1

California, fall of 2008

This song was created during tech rehearsals for Spring Awakening in San Diego, California. If you don’t know, a tech rehearsal is the time where all of the elements of a show together. Lights, set, costumes, sound, etc. The rehearsals are also painfully long and boring.

Noodling on my guitar was the only way to keep entertained and because of that, the seeds of “A Lullaby” were planted.

The first demo of the song was recorded on my computer backstage at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles in the fall of 2008.

Draft 2

Boston, MA sometime in the spring of 2009.

After sitting with the song for a few months I decided to get it properly demoed.

I spent a cloudy day tucked away David Siegel’s (engineer extraordinaire) humble bedroom. My pals Marques Walls (percussion), Liam McCormack (bass), Perry Sherman (backup vox) and Alice So (backup vox) kept me company and added their talents to the song.

We took what I originally had and created this together:

Draft 3

Brooklyn, NY summer of 2012

Having played the song countless times in rehearsal studios, coffee shops and roof tops, it was clear that this one wasn’t going to end up in the vortex of lost songs. It needed one final incarnation.

Working on “A Lullaby” for Wander Years was a spiritual experience. Everyone involved contributed much more than notes and rhythms to the track. There is so much compassion, heart, so much sensitivity in this recording.

This version features the genius of Marques Walls (Drums, percussion), Alan Stevens Hewitt (bass/synth strings), Cian McCarthy (piano), Ben Kalb (Cello), Thad DeBrock (Pedal Steel) Gabby Garza (sexy woman voice) and Anthony ‘Rocky’ Gallo (producer, engineer).

Of all the songs on the record, I’m most proud of this one.