That Was Then – live from Acadia

I was able to visit many of the country’s finest national parks this past fall, which inspired a bit of a project for myself. Live from the Parks. Whenever I had extra time, and spare courage, I would look for a calming spot to set up my mobile video/recording studio and get to work.

I was very happy to hear how my sounds resonated with the local nature, and though sometimes I was fighting the elements (the cold, the heavy winds, the parade of curious hikers) I’m glad that I was able to capture some unique moments and snippets of this beautiful world we live in.

Here is the first of four videos, “That Was Then,” recorded live at Acadia National Park in September 2020. Enjoy the tune, as well as the incredible scenery that dresses the coast of Maine.

If you feel encouraged to get out and see the parks this website offers a great resource.