The 1st Annual “Happy THIS Year” Festival:

It is unclear who is aware, but it is time everyone knows. December 30th is a lonely day. 

For hundreds of thousands of years 30th, the innocent, has been cold-shouldered by it’s showboat brother, 31st.

People all across the land stop what they’re doing when 31st approaches. They gawk and snap photos with the celebrity. They dash about the world trying to get close to 31st lustfully anticipating the future, leaving 30th companionless and un-cherished. 

It is time to stop the bullying. A change must come.

December 30th, henceforth, shall be know as ‘Happy THIS Year‘ day. The day that celebrates a year that is currently breathing. A year that has been, and is being, lived.

On ‘Happy THIS Year‘ day we rejoice together. We rock and roll together. We find entertainment in live music and spoken word. We dance and giggle, drink and adore. Together. 

Monday December 30th we will do just that. 


+Freddy Hall & the Best Intentions (yours truly) 

+David Gordon & the Dealbreakers (from Flashdance The Musical playing at the Kennedy Center)

+Cartesian Theater (Sometimes from Richmond and Lorton Station most other times)

+Ready Nebraska [Resurrected] (from 2003)

… and many more guest performers to be announced whenever and however. 

The beloved galaxy hut

Monday, December 30th 
9pm Sharp

Unfortunately The Galaxy Hut runs a 21+ operation, so no kiddies are allowed to party. 

Do your civil duty and provide December 30th with the love it needs.