My, oh my. the excitement is boiling – less than one month before “Wander Years” starts flying into your computers and to the shows. I’m pumped like a new tire! Thanks to all who took a second to help me pick an album cover… I now pronounce “Wander City” Gold Medalist in the 2012 cover […]

I ❤ NY… and everywhere else! Ah, what a weekend. Even though it was only four dates it feels like we fought in the trenches – sleeping in the van, sleeping on kitchen floors, occupying New Paltz, climbing up rooftops, late-night cheese gorging, Chinatown buses… Check out this video of my boy Zach Scott free-stylin […]

So here is the deal… I’m in the final stages of getting the new album together. The new album will be called: “Wander Years” My buddy, Julian Peterson, is designing the CD artwork with Corey Sullivan’s illustrations. Julian’s design work is so sexy that I just can’t decide what the cover should be. I’ve narrowed it […]