Kenya Dig It? 1

Jambo from Kenya!

My excellently crazy friend, Jenn Mundia, has her past rooted in Kenya. We were chatting a while back and she told me that her family was going to embark on a reunion adventure.

HER: Hey we’re going to Kenya this summ-

ME: I’m looking into flights now.

Four months, three vaccinations and two airplanes later, I found myself pouncing about the city of Nairobi, meeting Jenn’s countless beautiful family members and seeing some remarkable sights along the way.

(A safari through Nairobi National Park)

(I was starstruck. These are some of the most beautiful creatures alive)

(Even fake musicians drink too much…)

(Jill and Joey, our dinner one night. New hit song “Jill and Joey had it bad” coming soon)

The journey has just begun. In a few days we’ll be heading west to a small village where Jenn’s mom grew up. Until then, there are Tusker cans awaiting my belly.