For The Record 5

An Ode To Making an Album:

rainy days and warm nights
lunch specials and bud lights
trampolines and roof tops
whiskey business and bored cops
hard work and cat naps
vocal “compression” and half stacks
I’ve been having such a ball
but my mom still wishes I studied Law

New Photos:

(jumping on the trampoline – thanks Ingram Miller for the photo)

(keep your ears tuned cause this toy makes a cameo somewhere on the record)

(Rocky crossing off the final Mix Square)

(Me and my trampoline)

(massive game of tic-tac-toe and X won)

To Do List:

  • Write the Songs
  • Track the song
  • Mix the songs
  • Master the songs
  • Find title for album
  • Find order of songs
  • Find some artwork
  • Assemble package
  • Plan release show/date/tour
  • Buy milk and some bananas
  • Get a sun tan
  • Update blog

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