101 Problems But A Dalmatian Aint One

Thank you to all who made it out last night. As usual, Rockwood is the shiznit. To anyone new who hadn’t seen us play, thanks for sticking around and checking us out.

We are still in search of a name, but everyone’s suggestions were great… I’d say the oddest/most creative one was “Freddy Hall and the 101 Problems But A Dalmatian Aint One” – it’s a mouth full but I bet the domain name is still available.

This weekend was nuts – Saturday I went to a beautiful wedding in MI then flew back Sunday morning – caught the final show of How To Succeed on Broadway – then rocked the wood. I didn’t even really have time to change so this might be one of the very few pictures of me playing in a suit:


Big shout out to David Gardos for stepping in on Keys and Gabby Garza for guest singing her face off and for snapping this photo. I jacked it from her twitter (@gabriellegarza). She’s a vocal beast.

Back to the grind today, more studio blogging to come.